Umbrella Mobile Clinic


Approximately 4,000 temporary foreign farm workers come to the Lower Mainland each year from countries such as Mexico and Guatemala. Their tremendous contribution to BC’s local food systems entitles them to the basic health and safety standards of BC. This can be complicated though. The farm workers have very little free time to visit a health clinic, as most clinics are closed on evenings and weekends when they may have off. The farms where they work and live are far from public transportation and should they be able to find a clinic open during their off hours, language differences can result in serious challenges.

Umbrella Mobile Clinic therefore provides a service specially targeted to the unique needs of temporary foreign farm workers. The first clinic was launched in June 2011.

What is the Umbrella Mobile Clinic?

The Umbrella Mobile Clinic is a confidential, independent, not-for-profit health service. It operates on a pop-up basis, at times from a trailer converted into a medical clinic, and at times in spaces donated by partner organizations. The mobile clinic team travels throughout the Fraser Valley providing Spanish language medical services to temporary foreign farm workers. It is staffed by a BC licensed physician or a licensed Nurse Practitioner, a bilingual and bicultural Cross Cultural Health Broker and various volunteers.

Originally pilot funded by the Vancouver Foundation, the Umbrella Mobile Clinic now operates on billing revenue,grants, fundraising and private donations. Like most medical clinics, we bill the medical insurance company for our services when possible, so patients never need to pay out-of-pocket.

How to Get Involved

To get involved with your time and expertise, please visit our volunteering page for our current volunteer opportunities with the Umbrella Mobile Clinic.

We also greatly appreciate any monetary donations, and charitable tax receipts will be provided.